Reaction Kings

The Top 20 Reaction Kings

DriverAverage Reaction Time
1D. Croney0.124s
2R. Yearwood0.150s
4M. Emmons0.159s
5D. Lashley0.166s
6D. Dear0.169s
7J. Sisnett0.173s
8J Pope0.192s
9Roger Mayers0.202s
10M. Gibson0.210s
11M. Carter0.215s
12N. Armstrong0.220s
13A. Todd0.222s
14Dan Johnson0.226s
15M. Maloney0.226s
16Michael Alleyne0.230s
17Adrian Linton0.235s
18A. Lake0.237s
19A. Downes0.238s
20P. Horton0.240s

Rules: Reaction times under 0s are not counted.
Reaction times over 1s are not counted.
Must have at least 5 reaction times to be listed.

Top Reaction Times